Vat shall we do wis him? Ant Papa sayt, 'Me ton't know. Zen Mamma sayt, 'Let us give him to town at Mister Schultzen's, and he may pea Schumacher, ant my Vater sayt, 'Goot! Six year ant seven mons livet I in town wis ze Mister Shoemaker, ant he loaft me. He sayt, 'Karl are one goot vorkman, ant shall soon become my Geselle. Pot-man makes ze proposition, ant Got ze deposition.

"I livet one ant a half year in ze manufactory of rope, ant my lantlort loaft me so much zat he would not let me loose. Ant I felt very goot. Ant she fell in loaf wis me." Here Karl Ivanitch made a long pause, lowered his kindly blue eyes, shook his head quietly, and smiled as people always do under the influence of a pleasing recollection.

Ven ze sister quarrellet among zemselves Papa sayt, 'Karl vill never be one opedient poy, ant still scoltet ant ponishet me. My goot Mamma alone loaft ant tenteret me. Often she sayt to me, 'Karl, come in my room, ant zere she kisset me secretly. 'Poorly, poorly Karl! she sayt.

Me vere born six veek after ze vetting. He coult not forget my Mutter's shame, ant loaft me not. I had a youngster broser Johann ant two sister, pot me vere strange petween my own family. Ven Johann mate several silly trick Papa sayt, 'Wit sis chilt Karl I am never to have one moment tranquil! and zen he scoltet and ponishet me.

I vent to Ems, where I was acquainted wis one General Sasin, who loaft me, givet me a passport from ze Embassy, ant taket me to Russland to learn his chiltren. Ven General Sasin tiet, your Mamma callet for me, ant says, 'Karl Ivanitch, I gif you my children. Loaf them, ant I will never leave you, ant will take care for your olt age. Now is she teat, ant all is forgotten!