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Baldy was about to start in pursuit of it, when Johnny, the deformed boy, restrained him. 'It won't run far; the steam is nearly out. 'Be jibbers! but me head is caved in! exclaimed the Irishman, rising to his feet, rubbing his head, and looking at his hand to see whether there was blood upon it. 'Jerusalem!

The gentleman who was driving, being either impatient, or possessed with a theory that all jibbers may be started by severe whipping, applied the lash; as a result of it, the horse thrust round the carriage to where they stood, and the end of the driver's sweeping whip cut across Lady Constantine's face with such severity as to cause her an involuntary cry.

Down the drive we trot, past the stables, where the watch-dogs strain angrily at their chains and a little green monkey jibbers with rage and excitement, and in another moment we turn under the shadow of the great house up to the western door. Here all is life and bustle.

If I'm a jealous player, beat me over the head. His voice was almost wistful, and I liked him enormously. 'Blenkiron will see to that, I said. 'We're going to break you to harness, Wake, and then you'll be a happy man. You keep your mind on the game and forget about yourself. That's the cure for jibbers. As I journeyed to St Anton I thought a lot about that talk.

Most of the post-horses have been sold for some vice which nothing but constant hard work will keep under. Kickers, rearers, jibbers, shyers, and stumblers are but too common, and falls of almost daily occurrence on a long journey. Goodness knows how many Gerôme and I had between Résht and the Persian Gulf.