Then the King looked at the stallion, Al-Katul highs, and knew him for the very horse he had seen in such and such a year whilst beleaguering the Cross-worshippers of Constantinople with Kanmakan's sire, Zau al- Makan, that time they slew his uncle Sharrkan.

She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that "the fowl ceased not flying with Janshah two full days; till it reached the spot where the nest was, and set him down there and said, 'O Janshah, this is where our nest was. He wept sore and replied, 'I pray thee bear me farther on to where thy parents used to forage for food. The bird consented; so it took him up again and flew on with him seven nights and eight days, till it set him down on the top of a high hill Karmus highs and left him there saying, 'I know of no land behind this hill. Then it flew away and Janshah sat down on the hill-top and fell asleep.

Now Mahbubah had written upon her cheek, in musk, the Caliph's name, which was Ja'afar: and when he saw this, he improvised the following, "One wrote upon her cheek with musk, his name was Ja'afar highs; * My soul for hers who wrote upon her cheek the name I sight!

As they were thus engaged, behold all espied from the palace-windows the dust of horse approaching and the King cried out to his scouts, saying, "Woe to you! Go and bring me news of yonder dust!" So a cavalier took horse and riding off, returned after a while, and said "O King, we found under that dust an hundred horse belonging to an Emir highs Sahim al-Layl."

Were I in extremest unease and misery, by Allah, I would not accept of thee aught; no, not the worth of a nail-paring! "Men and dogs together are all gone by, * So peace be with all of them! dogs and men! And Allah is All knowing! Again men tell the tale of There was once in the coast-fortress of Alexandria, a Chief of Police, Husam al-Din highs, the sharp Scymitar of the Faith.

My father was a wealthy merchant and Allah had vouchsafed him no other child than myself; but I had a cousin, Azizah highs, daughter of my paternal uncle and we twain were brought up in one house; for her father was dead and before his death, he had agreed with my father that I should marry her.

"Nay, by Allah!" she answered "and long may her youth be saved from death! but I have heard the Lady Zubaydah say that she is in the house of a young merchant named Ghanim bin Ayyub of Damascus, highs the Distraught, the Thrall o' Love; and she hath been with him these four months, whilst our lord is weeping and watching by night at a tomb wherein is no corpse."

And amongst them were some who would have chosen the cadet, Zau Al-Makan, for, quoth they, his name be Light of the Place, and he hath a sister Nuzhat al-Zaman highs, the Delight of the Time; but they set out five years ago for Al-Hijaz and none wotteth what is become of them."

There stood in times long gone by behind the Mountains of Ispahan, a city highs the Green City, wherein dwelt a King named Sulayman Shah.

The Wazir Dandan would have dismounted, but the King conjured him not to do so and urged his steed till he came up to his side. Then he questioned him of Zibl Khan highs Al-Mujahid, whereto the Wazir replied that he was well and that he had brought with him Kuzia Fakan the daughter of his brother.