I wouldn't doubt that he let his assistants do most of his work, and they could have missed them." "Possibly, but the lesions are easy to see. At any rate, the culprit is known now." "Culprit?" "Hepatodirus hominis the human liver fluke. He's a tricky little fellow travels almost as far as men do." "I'm glad it's your problem, not mine.

Kennon leaned back from the microscope and studied the illustrations in the parasitology text. No matter how much Hepatodirus changed its life cycle, it could not change its adult form. The arrangements of the suckers and genital structures were typical. Old Doc's library on parasites was too inadequate for more than diagnosis.

Photographs and tri-dis would have to be taken, the parasite would have to be identified and its sensitivity to therapy determined. Studies would have to be made on its life cycle, and the means by which it gained entrance to its host. It wouldn't be simple, because this trematode was probably Hepatodirus hominis, and it was tricky. It adapted, like the species it parasitized.

There is a special providence that looks over recent veterinary graduates, Kennon reflected as he checked the monthly reports from the Stations. Since the time he had laid down the law to Judson and Blalok, he had had no trouble from the production staff. And for the past four months there had been no further trouble with Hepatodirus. That unwanted visitor had apparently been evicted.

But I'll try to clean it up as quickly as possible. I'm pretty sure of the fluke, and it's a hard one to control." "Hepatodirus?" Kennon nodded. "That's an offworld parasite, isn't it?" "Yes. It originated on Santos. Parasitized the Varl originally, but liked humans better. It's adapted to a hundred different planetary environments, and it keeps spreading.

"I'll tell you but you may not understand," Kennon said. "I'll take a chance." Kennon grinned. "All right, you asked for it. The parasite that's doing the damage is a flatworm, a trematode called Hepatodirus hominis. As I've told Blalok, it's a tricky thing.