I sung, while my heart was touched, this verse in the Greenlandish language, 'Jehovah, Lord of hosts the true God thou art the Creator of all nature the Preserver of the world What was ruined thou hast regained by thy blood, and by thy blood must sanctify consecrated to thee we fall at thy feet. When I had finished, they said, we are without words to express our admiration.

He bore his distemper with patience, and some of his last expressions were, "O! Jesus, I come to thee, I have no where else to go. I am a poor sinner, but thou hast died for me! have mercy upon me! I cast myself entirely upon thee." The day before his death he was baptized by Mr Drachart, who, at his own request, made use of the Greenlandish language in administering the rite.

He would have quoted Chinese or Greenlandish had he known those two languages, for he was in one of those crises in which the whole soul shows indistinctly what it contains, like the ocean, which, in the storm, opens itself from the seaweeds on its shores down to the sands of its abysses. And he went on "I am beginning to repent terribly of having taken you up!

On the 29th July they made their first appearance in five kaiaks, which they managed with great dexterity, and seemed highly delighted with Erhardt, who, from his knowledge of the Greenlandish, could make himself understood by them. They exchanged some whale fins for knives. July 31 they came to anchor 55 deg. 31 m.

While I was preparing to go to him, he had turned, and was departing to return to his countrymen, who lay in the mouth of the harbour, with the intelligence that the Captain had sailed. I called out to him in Greenlandish that he should come to me, that I had words to say to him, and that I was his good friend.

The place is all right, the hotel uncommonly good, but it's Greenlandish in its temperature a very cold wind blowing. The golf clubs lean up against the wall and curse the weather. But we are away from the hordes of people and will have a little quiet here. It's as quiet as any far-off place by the sea, and it's clean. London is the dirtiest town in the world.

As they approached, the savages began to call out, in broken French, 'tous camarades oui hu! which the sailors answered in the same manner. Drachart allowed the first shout to pass over; he then took one of them by the hand and said in Greenlandish, 'Ikinguitigangut, i.e.