Thyrsis had a strong constitution, but now he began to have headaches, and sometimes, if he worked on doggedly, they grew severe. He blamed this upon their heater; he knew little about hygiene, but he had studied physics, and he knew that a gas-heater devitalized the air. They had tried living in the room without heat, but in mid-winter they could not stand it.

Once inside his room, he struck a match, and lighted one of the two gas-burners. "Everything same as ever," said Mr. Bud, looking around from the centre of the room. "Hello, what's this?" exclaimed Larcher, having backed against a hollow metallic object on the floor and knocked his head against a ropey, rubbery something in the air. "That's a gas-heater Mr. Davenport made me a present of it.

"Quick close that door, ma!" "Come to see a body, Hanna, when she ain't here. She won't stay at home, like a God-fearin' woman ought to." "Light the gas-heater up there, if you expect me to come to bed. I'm used to steam-heated flats, not barns." "She's a sassy girl, Hanna. Your John a deacon and hers lies molderin' in his grave, a sui " Mrs.

Into this constricted space were huddled two imposing roll-top desks, P. Sybarite's high counter, and the small flat desk of the shipping clerk, with an iron safe, a Remington typewriter, a copy-press, sundry chairs and spittoons, a small gas-heater, and many tottering columns of dusty letter-files.

But he was politely interested in her work for Troy Wilkins, carefully exact in saying, "Good-morning, miss," and he became as familiar to her as the gas-heater in her cubicle. Second fellow-lodger was a busy, reserved woman, originally from Kansas City, who had something to do with some branch library.