At the king's right stood Cardinal Balau and Oliver the Barber, each anticipating a rich reward in case Louis should accept Mary's terms. Back of them stood a score of the king's courtiers. Many questions of state were discussed; and then Hymbercourt presented Mary's offer to King Louis. The king hesitated. After a long pause he spoke, looking straight ahead, at nothing; as was his custom.

Kanag cried, "You said, mother, that Dumanagan is my father, but there is another who is my father Aponitolau whom Balau stole." Then Aponibolinayen cried, "How bad you are, old woman! We should have exchanged for your jar if you had not told him of his father." "You must make me sweets, for I go to get my father," he said.

When it was late afternoon, the old woman Alokotán went to feed the pigs, but Kanag threw his top and it broke her jar. "Pa-ya," said the old woman, "the son is brave; when you go to rescue your father who Balau captured, it will not be my pot toward which you act brave."

He climbed the trees, he cut them so that they fell down, he cast them down those big snakes then he cut off the head of Balau, and the earth trembled. After that he went to find his father who was in the place of many betel-nuts. "I am Balokanag whom Aponibolinayen desired, whom you left," he said. "Now I take you home to Kadalayapan."

Our first move was to send spies to the court of France; so two trusted men started at once. Paris was but thirty leagues distant, and the men could reach it in fifteen hours. Half a day there should enable them to learn the true condition of affairs, since they carried well-filled purses to loosen the tongues of Cardinal Balau and Oliver the Barber.

Soon he arrived there, and he saw the crocodiles lying in the water. "You power betel-nut that I may walk on the crocodiles. Make them all sleep so that they do not feel me." He reached the home of Balau, where he saw great snakes hanging in the trees.

Mary paused before she answered. "Wait without. My answer depends upon the conclusions of His Majesty, the King of France." The herald withdrew, but in the meantime Louis had descended to the floor and was busily conning the treaty that Mary had caused to be written. He was whispering with Cardinal Balau and Oliver, and was evidently excited by the news he had just heard from England.

As Aponitolau went quickly to his raft, he was seen by Balau of Baboyan, a great bird. "How fine is Aponitolau, Ala! I shall take him to marry Ginteban." Then he was seized by Balau and was carried to Baboyan. "Now Aponitolau, you must marry Ginteban who lived in Baygan, for this place is surrounded with water blue as indigo and many crocodiles lie in that water."

The influence of the Missionaries has spread over the Skerang, Balau and Sibuyan tribes of Sea-Dyaks, and also among the Land-Dyaks near Kuching, the Capital, and among the Chinese of that town and the neighbouring pepper plantations. There are now seven churches and twenty-five Mission chapels in Sarawak, and about 4,000 baptized Christians of the Church of England.