Put clay dishes in line, which you are to step on. The one who breaks them loses." Aponibolinayen stepped first and there was nothing broken. Ginteban followed and all those clay dishes which she stepped on were broken. Then she went home to Baygan and after that Aponitolau and Aponibolinayen were married. "I am anxious to eat the fruit of the bolnay tree of Matawitáwen," said Aponibolinayen.

After that he truly took home Aponitolau, and Ginteban, who lived in Baygan. In a short time they arrived in Kadalayapan and Kanag's mother was there, because Aponigawani had taken her home. "Now we are married forever, Aponitolau," said Ginteban who lived in Baygan. "No, for Aponibolinayen is his wife," replied Aponigawani. "Ala! you chance it and the one who loses is not the one who is married.

When they had finished dancing Ginteban and Agyokan were next. And the beads of Ginteban were jars, which struck together while they danced. Next were Iwaginan and Kindi-iñan who was the wife of Ilwisan of Dagapan. And when they had all danced they stopped playing the gansa.

As Aponitolau went quickly to his raft, he was seen by Balau of Baboyan, a great bird. "How fine is Aponitolau, Ala! I shall take him to marry Ginteban." Then he was seized by Balau and was carried to Baboyan. "Now Aponitolau, you must marry Ginteban who lived in Baygan, for this place is surrounded with water blue as indigo and many crocodiles lie in that water."