-Haec res sic gesta est. Bene valete, et vincite Virtute vera, quod fecistis antidhac; Servate vostros socios, veteres et novos; Augete auxilia vostris iustis legibus; Perdite perduelles: parite laudem et lauream Ut vobis victi Poeni poenas sufferant. III. XIII. Increase of Amusements

It is here that those rights are now to be maintained, or they are prostrated for ever. "Omnia alia perfugia bonorum, subsidia, consilia, auxilia, jura ceciderunt. Quem enim alium appellem? quem obtester? quem implorem? Nisi hoc loco, nisi apud vos, nisi per vos, judices, salutem nostram, quae spe exigua extremaque pendet, tenuerimus; nihil est praeterea quo confugere possimus." Reg. 1783; Mr.

Not all the churches were so fortunate as to have the ready money in the treasury, and in many cases ornaments and sacred utensils were sacrificed, while the lay lords undoubtedly recovered their payments by like personal auxilia from their men, until the second tax really rested like the first upon the land.

"Adeo pavor etiam auxilia formidat" Quint. Curt., ii. The thing in the world I am most afraid of is fear, that passion alone, in the trouble of it, exceeding all other accidents. What affliction could be greater or more just than that of Pompey's friends, who, in his ship, were spectators of that horrible murder?