It was one of those quiet and beautiful prairie sunsets which now and then flood you with wonder, in spite of yourself, and give you an achey little feeling in the heart. It was a riot of orange and Roman gold fading out into pale green, with misty opal and pearl-dust along the nearer sky-line, then a big star or two, and then silence, the silence of utter peace and beauty.

"Got a drink o' water, messmets?" "Plenty, my lad," said Tom Fillot, passing the tin. "How's your head this morning?" "Bit achey," said the coxswain, who took the tin and drained it. "Hah!" he ejaculated, as he drew a long, deep breath, "that's good, but you forgot to send it through the skipper's pilfer." "Warn't time, matey," said Tom watching him curiously.

I'm awfully well off, and they are all so good to me, I ought to be the happiest girl in the world, but I feel sort of achey and strange, and a little bit lonely, though I wouldn't say so for the world. I miss the girls. It was awful this morning positively awful.

"Your night of terror," finished Judith. "I don't wonder. Anyone might be sore and achey from running that Bingham Fire Brigade. I would love to have seen Dozia at the spigot," and Judith went through some fire antics.

Molly paid for her outburst of temper by having a headache all the afternoon and an achey lump in her chest indigestion, no doubt. She stretched herself on her little bed, her haven of refuge in time of trouble and the safe confidante unto whose soft bosom she poured her secrets and hopes.