The constables who brought them down here say that Leroux and Stephanoulis were a surely astonished pair when they found themselves nabbed. We are getting into a bigger nest of trouble down here than we expected when we left Washington." After, the Secret Service men had gone, Jacob Farnum turned as though to go inside the hotel. "I'm wondering whether there are any letters for me," he said.

Trotter and Packwood stopped, in a 'bus with the prisoners, to show them to Jack at the hotel. "That pair look rascally enough to do any dirty trick," declared Jacob Farnum, in high disgust, as he looked over Leroux and Stephanoulis. The prisoners were, indeed, "hard hooking." Both were men below average size, with sullen, defiant eyes. Both were dressed roughly, like laborers.

As you say, the fellow Gaston has more reason than any of the rest of the crowd to want a complete revenge against you." Then Mr Packwood left to walk through the little town around Spruce Beach, to see whether he could encounter any two worthies who answered to the description of Leroux and Stephanoulis.

Leroux and Stephanoulis had been placed in cells from which they could not possibly communicate with Gaston, whose cell lay in another wing of the jail. "As soon as that pair found that, for some reason, their mine failed to explode under you last night," Trotter hinted, "they knew that their game was up. They hurried away and lay concealed in the distance.

One fellow called himself Leroux, the other Stephanoulis." "One name French, and the other Greek," muttered the submarine boy, thinking hard. "What did they look like?" The jailer quickly and carefully described the pair. Jack listened attentively. Then rose, briskly. "Did you hear any of the conversation they had with Gaston?" "No." "If they come again to-day can you lock them up and hold them?"