Anselmo had taught it a great deal more, and when he asked it: "Little rat-king, what are your feelings for the king, the law, and the turnkeys?" the little animal would bow at every side, cross its front feet over its breast, and move its pointed nose as if it were murmuring prayers, at the same time casting its eyes to the floor.

Anselmo whistled for his rat, and, pointing to the little animal, solemnly said: "Here is our savior the little rat-king will free us!" Dr. D'Avigny sat in his private office and studied the sick-list of his asylum. A servant entered, and announced a young man who desired to speak with him. "You know, Jean, that I do not like to receive visitors so late at night," said the physician.

The prisoners were brought to the lavatory, given a bath, and then dressed in the historical clothing of a galley-slave. As Anselmo and Benedetto were of the same stature, it was only natural that they were both chained together. They were placed in pontoon No. 2, and the little rat-king was their companion.

"Do you believe in my promise now?" the ex-priest triumphantly exclaimed: "the jailers call our little animal 'rat! I call him 'necessary." Benedetto laughed aloud. Anselmo placed the instrument back in its place and the little rat-king sprang away, while Benedetto looked at him deaf and dumb with astonishment.

"Keep up your spirits," said the jailer to the ex-priest, "and I will see what can be done for you. In a few days a new column will arrive, and if you conduct yourself properly, I will see that you get no new comrade." "I will let my little rat-king intercede for me," said Anselmo, laughing, and the jailer nodded.

The jailers were sleeping in the corners, and the other prisoners, as it was Sunday, were amusing themselves with the rat, which ran from board to board, performing the most difficult tricks. "I will call our savior at once," whispered Anselmo, and, whistling softly, he called the little rat-king to him. The rat immediately came to its master and climbed upon his knee.