"I have scandalized Misè, and to-morrow I shall have to listen to a lecture," he said; and in a moment continued: "It is not easy to make our Provençaux realize how closely we are linked to older peoples and to older times.

To be appreciated, to be understood, they must be heard as I heard them: sung by that Christmas company, with Magali's tenderly vibrant voice leading the chorus in which every one of those singing Provençaux joined.

The people of the south called themselves Romans- provencaux, while the northern tribes added to the name of Romans, which they had assumed, that of Wallons, which they had received from the neighboring people.

He sketched his life very rapidly, his early days, his departure for the Orient. You would have said that it was one of the eighteenth century tales of barbarian pirates scouring the Latin seas, of beys and fearless Provençaux, dark as crickets, who always end by marrying some sultana and "taking the turban," according to the old Marseillais expression.

Very, and the Freres Provencaux, pot-houses in jest. Well, neither those infamous pot-houses nor our most scientific cooks can make us a sauce like this; mellifluous! Some give you clear water soured with lemon, and the rest drugs, chemicals." Pillerault tried throughout the dinner to fathom this extraordinary being; finding only a void, he began to think him dangerous.

A buzz of delight filled the church after each cock-crowing volley; and I fancy that I was alone in finding anything odd in so jaunty a performance within church walls. The viewpoint in regard to such matters is of race and education. The Provençaux, who are born laughing, are not necessarily irreverent because even in sacred places they sometimes are frankly gay.

"Yes, but you persist in trying to give me something," he said, placing on a table the sealed envelope he had brought. "How good you are!" she murmured. "Now promise me one thing: let us dine together once more. Not at the Provencaux, however. Oh, heavens! no! At the Cafe Anglais where we dined before the play the first time we "

I remember, when I was in those parts, I was surprised at the difference which I found between the people on one side, and those on the other side of the Rhone. The Provencaux were, in general, surly, ill-bred, ugly, and swarthy; the Languedocians the very reverse: a cheerful, well-bred, handsome people. Adieu! Yours most affectionately.

They are the merriest people in the world, the Provençaux. Marius completed his work by cutting through the trunk again, making a noble cacho-fiò near five feet long big enough to burn, according to the Provençal rule, from Christmas Eve until the evening of New Year's Day. It is not expected, of course, that the log shall burn continuously.

After a short walk they took breakfast at the Freres- Provencaux, in one of those little rooms which are, all things considered, the most beautiful spots in the world. There, when the garcon had left them, they sat near the windows hand in hand.