By a peculiar arrangement of the fibers of the heart, a wound transverse to one layer of fibers is in the direction of another layer, and to a certain extent, therefore, valvular in function; it is probably from this fact that punctured wounds of the heart are often attended with little or no bleeding. Among the older writers, several instances of nonfatal injuries to the heart are recorded.

He thinks that the size of the hemorrhage is of more importance than its situation in causing the profoundness of the symptoms, but he repeats that nonfatal cases of hemiplegia are generally caused by vascular occlusion and subsequent softening, and not by hemorrhage.

The left lung and cavity were perfectly normal. The right lung was engorged and somewhat compressed by the blood in the pleural cavity. The pericardium was much distended and contained from six to eight ounces of partially coagulated blood. There was a fibrinous clot in the left ventricle. Nonfatal Cardiac Injuries. Wounds of the heart are not necessarily fatal.

Among nonfatal perforating gunshot wounds of the abdomen, Loring: reports the case of a private in the First Artillery who recovered after a double gunshot perforation of the abdomen.

Lavender mentions an incised wound of the heart penetrating the right ventricle, from which the patient recovered. Purple gives, an account of a recovery from a wound penetrating both ventricles. The diagnosis was confirmed by a necropsy nine years thereafter. Stoll records a nonfatal injury to the heart.

It had not appeared in the Canton district for forty years or more, though it was endemic in Yunnan. In some places it began in the winter; and as early as January she herself found the first case in Canton in an infected house. In no case was direct contagiousness found to exist. The glands enlarged twelve hours after the fever began, and sometimes suppurated in nonfatal cases in a short time.

Fracture of the base of the skull is ordinarily spoken of as a fatal injury, reported instances of recovery being extremely rare, but Battle, in a paper on this subject, has collected numerous statistics of nonfatal fracture of the base of the brain, viz.: Male. Female.

The condition is said to be caused by a chronic, nonfatal form of Dara plague and has been said to be noninfectious, though this is not certain. The etiology of Dara plague has not been worked out. The blueskin condition is hereditary but not a genetic modification, as markings appear in non-Mendelian distributions." Calhoun puzzled over it.

There is also a marked hereditary tendency to apoplexy. In other words, he thinks that many of the nonfatal hemiplegias are caused by vascular obstruction and softening and not by hemorrhage. He finds that sudden death, or death within a few minutes, does not occur from hemorrhage, even if the hemorrhage is large, though a rapidly developing and persistent coma usually indicates a hemorrhage.

Rodericus a Veiga tells the story of a deer that was killed in hunting, and in whose heart was fixed a piece of arrow that appeared to have been there some time. Glandorp experimentally produced a nonfatal wound in the heart of a rabbit. Wounds of the heart, not lethal, have been reported by Benivenius, Marcellus Donatus, Schott, Stalpart van der Wiel, and Wolff.