He also placed some of these refractory metals directly in the circuit, bringing them to incandescence, and used silicon in powdered form in glass tubes placed in the electric circuit. His notes include the use of powdered silicon mixed with lime or other very infusible non-conductors or semi-conductors.

This is the path that electricians call that of "least resistance." There are no absolutely perfect conductors, and there are no substances that may be called absolutely non-conductors. A non-conductor is simply a reluctant, an excessively slow, conductor. In all electrical operations we look first for these two essentials: a good conductor and a good non-conductor.

Union of various grades, union of diverse types, union that stops at non-conductors, union that merely goes from next to next, and means in many cases outer nextness only, and not a more internal bond, union of concatenation, in short; all that sort of thing seems to you a halfway stage of thought.

In the new world, instead of stability, we have the idea of persistence, and power lies not so much in solid brittle foundation quality as in conductivity. Socially, men can be divided into conductors men who connect powers and non-conductors men who do not; and power lies in persistence, in dogged flexibility, adaptableness, and impressionableness.

But when the same vessel was clothed with an equal thickness of raw silk, water at the same heat and under the same process required 1,264 seconds before it reached the same decrease of temperature. It was also found by Sir Humphry Davy that even metals became non-conductors when their cohesion was destroyed by reducing them to the gaseous state.

Even many of the best non-conductors are powerful radiators, and throw off heat with a repellent energy difficult to conceive.

Submarine telegraph wires running under the sea are usually insulated from the surrounding water by india-rubber or gutta-percha. The distinction between conductors and non-conductors or insulators was first observed by Stephen Gray, a pensioner of the Charter-house.

There were probably a dozen very young men in the room waiting to rise with their partners at a signal for dancing; and these could not be calculated upon to take an initiative, or follow one as ladies, poor slaves! will do when the electric hostess rustles. The men present were non-conductors.

I preferred to admit in truth, that this chimney of an extinct volcano, lined with lavas, which are non-conductors of heat, did not suffer the heat to pass through its walls. But without stopping to look up new arguments I simply took up our situation such as it was. "Well, admitting all your calculations to be quite correct, you must allow me to draw one rigid result therefrom." "What is it.

Thus, for example, he showed that the invisible rays not only pass through substances that are opaque to light and non-conductors of electricity, but that the invisible rays run around the edges and sides of plates, then proceeding on their way somewhat in the manner of sound.