"So che andar diritto mi bisogna, Ch' io non ci mescolassi una bugia, Che questa non è storia da menzogna; Che come in esco un passo de la via, Chi gracchia, chi riprende, e chi rampogna: Ognun poi mi riesce la pazzia; Tanto ch' eletto ho solitaria vita, Che la turba di questi è infinita.

"Although these mystic senses are called by various names, they may all in general be called allegorical." That the "beauteous fiction," the bella menzogna, of allegory is rhetorical in origin is clear from a passage in the Vita Nuova.

Passing the straits of San Giorgio, I came into Truffia and Buffia, countries much inhabited and with great populations, and thence into the land of Menzogna, where I found great plenty of our brethren and of friars of other religious orders, who all went about those parts, shunning unease for the love of God, recking little of others' travail, whenas they saw their own advantage to ensue, and spending none other money than such as was uncoined.

'Sempre a quel ver ch'ha faccia di menzogna Dee l'uom chiuder le labbra quanto ei puote; Però che senza colpa fa vergogna. BOSWELL. It is strange that Boswell should not have discovered that these lines were from Dante. The following is Wright's translation: 'That truth which bears the semblance of a lie, Should never pass the lips, if possible; Tho' crime be absent, still disgrace is nigh.