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"'Now, if that is Colonial law, Squire, I think how a little home-made Yankee justice won't be a bad application, said Hornblower, making ready to administer the medicine; then he squared off, and sent his mauler right into the Squire's dumplin depot, so sharp and strong, as to produce a decided conviction. At length the Squire was floored, and found working the rule of three on the boards.

He was also author of a book called "Truth Held Forth," published in 1695; and of a later one, the title of which, "The Mauler Mauled," shows that he had humor in him as well as pluck. He seems to have led a long career of independent opinion, not altogether in comfort, however, for in 1669 he was ordered to be whipped for saying that Mr.

"Yes, and I reckon now you got your old right ear touched up again, Perk, for I can see streaks of half-dried blood running down your cheek." "Yeah, he nicked me okay, an' if this keeps on much further I'll soon be taken for the Manassa Mauler, 'cause it'll gimme a cauliflower ear. Who are these two lads, Jack look like they might belong to the Coast Guard."

Phelem-ghe-Madone was a kind of sluggish mauler somewhat mauled himself, to begin with. It was art against nature. It was cultivated ferocity against barbarism. It was clear that the barbarian would be beaten, but not very quickly. Hence the interest. A little man against a big one, and the chances are in favour of the little one. The cat has the best of it with a dog.

When the ambulance started, it went anywhere but in a good road, and as it bumped over logs and boulders, my broken leg would thresh about like the mauler of a flail. I found it necessary to keep it in place by putting the other one over it. At last we stopped and were unloaded.

"Shrapnel and mauler," he added, his hands protecting the place where the shrapnel had found him. His staring blue eyes took on a dull cloud, and his whole figure seemed to sink and shrink away. As though realizing and resisting, if not resenting this dissolution of his forces, his voice rang out querulously, and his head made dogmatic emphasis.