"That pannikin of water." "Which you didn't get, my cock's-body lad!" "Which you were man enough to bring me." "Which Tom Button did ye out of!" "Which you knocked him down for!" "Which is Gospel-true, Roger and Cicely, 'twas a neat throw. Tom bumped heavy aye, uncommon flat were Tom, let me eat worms else!"

Romance, more than cupidity, is what attracts the gold-brick investor. Of course, Satterlee was a poser, a fraud, a liar; the highest type of liar; the day-dreaming, well-read, genuinely inventive, highly imaginative, loving-it-for-its-own-sake liar. But to Skiddy every word he said was Gospel-true. He never doubted the captain for an instant. Life grew richer to him, stranger and more wonderful.

"'Tis spoken by the old men in the villages, and what is there said is gospel-true. You see all around you, land that is covered with hill and valley, and which once bore wood, without the fear of the axe, and over which game was spread with a bountiful hand.

"Aye, master," says another, "and that's gospel-true, theer aren't a right sailor-man among 'em " "Then we'll learn 'em to be!" says Penfeather. "Stand forward the new men show a leg and bustle, ye dogs!" Scowling and muttering, some twelve unlovely fellows obeyed. "I' faith!" says Penfeather, looking them over, "Here's fine stuff for the gallows! And where's the rest of 'em?"

There were some five-and-forty of the king's friends come together here no longer ago than yestere'en to drink his Majesty's health, and eh, man! but it will cost me a pretty penny! Will that satisfy ye?" "Yes," said Jennifer, thinking, mayhap, as I did, that nothing short of gospel-true news would have sufficed to unlock this poor old miser's wine cellar.