The answer is easie, that the Medicines in our Pharmacopæa, are the best of any other Pharmacopæa in the World, both for their goodness, and well preparing of them, whether they be Chymical, or Galenical; and therefore the same scandal will ly on all Pharmacopæa's whatsoever.

The Galenical physicians affirm, that this distemper proceeds from the womb; occasioned by the gross, vicious and rude humours arising from several inward causes; but there are also outward causes which have a share in the production of it; as taking cold in the feet, drinking of water, intemperance of diet, eating things contrary to nature, viz., raw or burnt flesh, ashes, coals, old shoes, chalk, wax, nutshells, mortar, lime, oatmeal, tobacco pipes, etc., which occasion both a suppression of the menses and obstructions through the whole body; therefore, the first thing necessary to vindicate the cause, is matrimonial conjunction, and such copulation as may prove satisfactory to her that is afflicted, for then the menses will begin to flow according to their natural and due course, and the humours being dispersed, will soon waste themselves; and then no more matter being admitted to increase them, they will vanish and a good temperament of body will return; but in case this best remedy cannot be had soon enough, then let blood in the ankles, and if she be about sixteen, you may likewise do it in the arm, but let her be bled sparingly, especially if the blood be good.

How many simples of unknown properties have been brought into use, to the great comfort of the sick? and many more may be, as also many preparations, both simple and compound, both in the Galenical, and Chymical practice, and by this means the Art will be advanced to its just dignity, now much diminished, dishonoured, and near to be lost by the intrusion of ignorant persons.

Galenical decoctions, to which I may properly compare an epic poem, have more of body in them; they work by their substance and their weight. It is one reason of Aristotle's to prove that tragedy is the more noble, because it turns in a shorter compass the whole action being circumscribed within the space of four-and-twenty hours.

I might through great Pusillanimity, blush to give you this Anxiety, did not I opine you were as gracious as communicative and eminent; and though you have no Cognisance of me, your humble Servant, yet I have of you, you being so gravely fam'd for your admirable Skill both in Galenical and Paracelsian Phaenomena's, and other approv'd Felicities in Vulnerary Emeticks, and purgative Experiences.