Among the reptiles, the crocodile of the Ganges, the fimbriated tortoise of Cayenne, &c. Among the shells, the glass patella, and a number of valuable, scarce, or new species. The collection of insects has just been completed through the assiduity of the estimable LAMARCK, the professor who has charge of that department.

The small tubercles are hidden by the numerous radial spines, which are in clusters of about twenty; they are white, hair-like, stiff and ½ in. long; the central spines, numbering from four to six, are a little longer. Flowers from apex of stem, in. long and wide, and composed of about thirty fimbriated sepals and twenty-five to forty narrow petals; colour bright purple.

Gonorrhea often prevents conception by the inflammation traveling up the womb, and along the Fallopian tubes to the ovaries, whose covering is rendered thick and dense, so that the ovum cannot escape, or if it does, the fimbriated end of the tube is so agglutinated that it cannot grasp the ovum. Alcoholism is considered a cause of sterility.

One old fellow, who looked like a pirate with his red-rimmed eyes, weather-beaten skin, and fimbriated face, grinned up at me in such sardonic challenge that I walked directly in front of him and began to speak. I said: "My friends, I hope you will forget everything Dr. Blank has just said. It is true that I am a minister, and that I came here to preach.

Argles mentions simultaneous extrauterine fetation and superfetation. Sanger mentions a triple ectopic gestation, in which there was twin pregnancy in the wall of the uterus and a third ovum at the fimbriated end of the right tube.

They are of a brownish red, and in form resemble a toadstool; many had a thick pedicle, somewhat fimbriated on the under part; others, instead of the pedicle, had a number of threads hanging down from them. 4th August.