Amiel hastened to toll attention away from his side partner. "This wind's driv' them picture folks to cover," he said. "They was makin' some fillums over there on the wreck of the Goldrock, that's laid out four year or so in Ham Cove " "Nearer five year," put in Cap'n Joab, a stickler for facts. "You air right, cap'n," agreed Washy Gallup. "Well," said Amiel, "four or five.

Socialist, anarchist and Bolshevik I photograph them in my mental 'fillums' and transmit to Washington. Thus, when Feodor Slopeski lands at Ellis Island with the idea of blowing up New York, he is returned with thanks. I didn't ask for the job; it was thrust upon me because of my knowledge of the foreign tongues. I accepted it because I am a loyal American citizen."

Because they think only it is a woman named Sarah Glassman that is dead. Actually that sickness no doubt changed her so that even if them rubes ever go to see high-class feature fillums there didn't nobody recognize her. If they didn't suspect nothing when she was alive, for why should they suspect something now she is dead? They shouldn't and they won't and they can't!

A grate Company of Guests assembled at Mt Vernon to celebrate Gen'l Washington's Birthdaye. In the Morning the Gentlemenn went a Fox hunting, but their Sport was marred by the Pertinacity of some Motion Picture menn who persewd them to take Fillums and catchd the General falling off his Horse at a Ditch.

"What do you want it for, Jonas?" asked Milton. "I'm going to have it framed. And Mr. Harden and Mr. Agnew, don't forget those fillums!" "Lucky for you the films were stored in the Ida, Jonas!" exclaimed Agnew. "I'll develop some of those in the morning, and see what sort of a show you put up." Diana rose. "Well, good night to you all! Mr. Milton, is there anything Na-che or I can do for you?"