I did not know you were here," the young man cried gladly, seizing Diniz's hand in a warm grip. "Have you brought good news?" "Yes, better than I expected," Diniz answered; and briefly recounted the success which had attended his morning's search. "I do not wish to meet your father to-night, Lianor; until this business is settled, I could not enter into any amusement.

To the dislike Queen Leonor felt for the sons of Inez de Castro, owing to Dom Diniz's refusal to kiss her hand, was added the hatred she had borne her sister, who was married to Dom João, another son of Dona Inez, ever since this sister Dona Maria had warned her to have nothing to do with the king; she was also jealous because Dona Maria had had a son while her own two eldest children had died.

Vincent, true to his word, gathered his few belongings together, and when the evening came, went softly to the cells in which his prisoners lay, and, setting them free, told them to follow him. Wondering, yet glad, Phenee, leaning on Diniz's arm for support, slowly obeyed the jailer, who, accompanied by his two children, led them toward the hotel Miriam had named.

The whole morning she has searched with me for the man, and at last our labor was rewarded. To-morrow Jarima will be under arrest." As the words left his lips, a sudden movement amongst the trees startled them. "I am sure that was some one," Lianor cried, turning pale, and clasping Diniz's arm. Satzavan glided noiselessly away, but soon returned to say no one had passed by.

The Palace of the Walis was soon granted by him to Gualdim Paes, the famous grand master of the Templars, and was held by his successors till it was given to Dom Diniz's queen, St. Isabel.