“You’re used to dwell with men, Bennysaid Leather-Stocking, mournfully, “ and the ways of the woods would be hard on you, if ” “Not a bit not a bitcried the steward; “I’m none of your fair- weather chaps, Master Bump-ho, as sails only in smooth water. When I find a friend, I sticks by him, dye see.

But what cares I, Master Bump-ho, if the ship strains a little at her anchor? it’s only for a dog-watch, and dam’me but she’ll sail with you then on that cruise after them said beaver.

“Hark’ee, Master Bump-hosaid the steward; “don’t you fear for Ben, When the watch is called, set me of my legs and give me the bearings and the distance of where you want me to steer, and I’ll carry sail with the best of you, I will“The time has come nowsaid the hunter, listening; “I hear the horns of the oxen rubbing agin’ the side of the jail

That Mister Bump-ho has a handy turn with him in taking off a scalp; and there’s them, in this here village, who say he l’arnt the trade by working on Christian men. If so be that there is truth in the saying, and I commanded along shore here, as your honor does, why, d'ye see, I’d bring him to the gangway for it, yet.

“Taking it by and large, Master Bump-ho, it’s but a small matter after allhe said. “Now, I’ve known very good sort of men, aboard of the Boadishey, laid by the heels, for nothing, mayhap, but forgetting that they’d drunk their allowance already, when a glass of grog has come in their way.

As the time of Natty’s punishment was expired, and Benjamin found that they were to be confined, for that night at least, in the same apartment, he made no very strong objection to the measure, nor spoke of bail, though, as the sheriff preceded the party of constables that conducted them to the jail, he uttered the following remonstrance: “As to being berthed with Master Bump-ho for a night or so, it’s but little I think of it, Squire Dickens, seeing that I calls him an honest man, and one as has a handy way with boat-hooks and rifles; but as for owning that a man desarves anything worse than a double allowance, for knocking that carpenters face a-one-side, as you call it, I’ll maintain it’s agin’ reason and Christianity.