A dupati of Laye, in an ill hour, stepped unwarily across the mouth of a cannon at the instant it was fired off for a salute, and was killed by the explosion, upon which his relations immediately sued the sergeant of the country-guard, who applied the match, for the recovery of the bangun; but they were cast, and upon these grounds: that the dupati was instrumental in his own death, and that the Company's servants, being amenable to other laws for their crimes, were not, by established custom, subject to the bangun or other penalties inflicted by the native chiefs, for accidents resulting from the execution of their duty.

If a person detects the offenders in the act of adultery, and, attempting to seize the man, is obliged to kill him in self-defence, he shall not pay the bangun, nor be fined, but only pay the bhasa lurah, which is a buffalo and a hundred bamboos of rice.

The custom of exacting the bangun for murder seems only designed with a view of making a compensation to the injured family, and not of punishing the offender. The word signifies awaking or raising up, and the deceased is supposed to be replaced, or raised again to his family, in the payment of a sum proportioned to his rank, or equivalent to his or her personal value.

If the person has been recovered previous to the trial the offender pays half the bangun. If a man kills his brother he pays to the proattins the tippong bumi. If a wife kills her husband she must suffer death. If a wife by semando wounds her husband her relations must pay what they would receive if he wounded her.

Slight provocations however have been sometimes known to renew the feud, and there are not wanting instances of a son's revenging his father's murder and willingly refunding the bangun.

The bangun or compensation for the murder of a common person, woman or girl, is 150 dollars. The bangun or compensation for the murder of the legitimate children or wife of a pambarab is 250 dollars. The bangun of an outlaw is fifty dollars without tippong bumi. No bangun is to be paid for a person killed in the commission of a robbery.

If a person lies with a man's wife by force he is deserving of death; but may redeem his head by payment of the bangun, eighty dollars, to be divided between the husband and proattins. If a man surprises his wife in the act of adultery he may put both man and woman to death upon the spot, without being liable to any bangun.

The degree of satisfaction that attends the payment of the bangun is generally considered as absolute to the parties concerned; they receive it as full compensation, and pretend to no farther claim upon the murderer and his family.

Upon this the families were presently up in arms, but the English Resident interfering preserved the peace of the country, and settled the affair agreeably to the customs of the place by bangun and fine. But this did not prove sufficient to extinguish the fury which raged in the hearts of Raddin Siban's family, whose relation was murdered.

The party intended to be satisfied by the oath generally prescribes the mode and purport of it. The bangun or compensation for the murder of a pambarab is 500 dollars. The bangun or compensation for the murder of an inferior proattin is 250 dollars. The bangun or compensation for the murder of a common person, man or boy, is 80 dollars.