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Fossick, Fyle, Bliss, and others, admitted that Hercules was not a bad-like horse; while the humbler-minded ones eyed Sponge with a mixture of awe and envy, thinking what a fine trade literature must be to stand such a horse.

And then he said he felt bad-like, and he thought he'd come here and send master across the way for Dr. Hawley. And he got out of the cab and paid the cabman, and then he doesn't remember no more. Wasn't it dreadful, ma'am? I don't believe he rightly knew what he was doing, the poor old gentleman! Leonora listened. 'Where are Miss Ethel and Miss Milly? she asked.

This silence he might perhaps have preserved throughout had it not occurred to him that he might pump something out of the servant about the family he was going to visit. 'That's not a bad-like old cob of yours, he observed, drawing rein so as to let the shaggy white come alongside of him.

'The brute is on our trail, Rube said; 'they haven't given us so much start as I looked for. Another half-hour and he will be at our heels sure enough. I felt this was true, and felt very bad-like for a bit. In another quarter of an hour the bark was a good bit nearer, and we couldn't go no faster than we were going.

What between Jack's encouragement, and the inspiring influence of the bottle, aided by his own self-sufficiency, Pacey began to look upon Sponge with anything but admiration; and at last it occurred to him that he would be a very proper subject to, what he called, 'take the shine out of. 'That isn't a bad-like nag, that chestnut of yours, for the wheeler of a coach, Mr.