She had got the best of her tears now, but Aunt Alviry's bright eyes discovered at once that she was unhappy. Uncle Jabez did not even raise his eyes when she came in. "What is the matter with my pretty leetle creetur?" whispered the old woman, creeping close to Ruth. "Nothing is the matter now," returned Ruth, in the same low tone. "Didn't you do well?" asked the old woman, wistfully.

But the face of the old lady seemed, to the lonely, tear-filled girl, almost the gentlest, sweetest face she had ever seen, as it slowly smiled upon her. Aunt Alviry's welcome was like the daybreak. "Bless us and save us!" ejaculated she, rising upright by degrees with her hand upon the back she had been apostrophizing. "If here isn't a pretty little creeter come to see her Aunt Alviry.

How-de-do, girl?" Ruth had set down her bag. Now she opened the door and stepped in. The smile of the old lady broke down every bit of fortitude the girl had left and she walked directly into Aunt Alviry's arms and burst into tears. "There! there! Deary, deary me!" murmured the little old lady, patting her shoulder. "Somebody has been treating you badly, I know.

"Oh, you didn't expect to see so much flesh on my bones; did you?" said Mercy, noting their surprise, and being just as sharp and choppy in her observations as ever. "But I'm getting wickedly and scandalously fat. And I don't often have to repeat Aunt Alviry's song of 'Oh, my back and oh, my bones!" Mercy went to bed on her arrival.

Old Aunt Amy, nice sort of soul but " he touched his head significantly and heaved the heaviest sigh yet. "Do you mean to say that there is an aunt who isn't quite sane?" asked Callandar, surprised. "I don't say so. Some folks does. Alviry says she's a whole lot wiser than some of the rest of us." From the tone of this remark it was evident that Alviry's observation had been intended personally.