Yes, there were other inns; one at the top of the town the Vetere in a very good position; and they doubtless excelled my own in modern comfort.

But high up on the mountain is a church known as S. Maria de Vetere, a name indicating an ancient foundation, which perhaps was no other than the anchorite house of Castellense. About a mile beyond Squillace the line passes by a tunnel through the promontory of Mons Moscius.

Aen. 6, 870: Ostendent terris hunc tantum fata. XIV. Consularium. Cf. note on it, 8. Aulus Plautius. Ann. 13, 32; Dio. 60, 19. Ostorius Scapula. Ann. 12, 31-39. Proxima, sc. Romae. Veteranorum colonia. Camolodunum. Ann. 12, 32. Now Colchester. Dr. Et reges. Kings also, i.e. besides other means. Ut vetere, etc. So in the MSS. and earliest editions.

Nata servituti mancipia semel veneunt, atque ultro a dominis aluntur: Britannia servitutem suam quotidie emit, quotidie pascit. Ac, sicut in familia recentissimus quisque servorum et conservis ludibrio est, sic in hoc orbis terrarum vetere famulatu novi nos et viles in excidium petimur. Neque enim arva nobis aut metalla aut portus sunt, quibus exercendis reservemur.

At a table near the Temple of Vesta here on the Castro Vetere, the waterfalls below us, Horace's Villa above us, we dined and became happy again. When we got back to the pension Uncle Tom was there to greet us and to receive Isabel's kiss upon a mischievously yielded cheek, and to hear her rapturous account of the afternoon.