Eunice, she had it made to the basket-maker's up-mountain. She's dreadful good to the basket-makers, Eunice is." "Widow Sprigg, I think she's 'dreadful good' to everybody to everybody lives. Yet she looks so sort of stern and dignified sometimes I feel afraid of her. But it is a curious basket, truly. What " "Watch an' see, an' don't ask so many questions. Girls' eyes ought to save their tongues."

Nothin' Verplanck could do or say was right in his father's eyes; an' though he managed to work the farm fairly well, he never made any money off it, an' that made the old man mad. Planck, he bore it patient for a spell, 'cause his wife she that was Elizabeth Morton from up-mountain thought the world an' all of the old folks an' they o' her.

The gentleman had chanced to be up-mountain, calling at the same house where Miss Maitland was visiting, and had offered to take her home, hearing her say that she was anxious to be there early on the morrow. She had not enjoyed her ride, yet blamed herself for her aversion to a neighbor who, if not a gentleman, had learned sufficient good manners to conduct himself as nearly such.

We may have to move on the double. Up-mountain?" he demanded of the Chief Ranger. The other was still listening, not only with his ears but with the whole of his tense body. Three of the deer-like creatures they had hunted for food broke out of the green wall, fled past the men as if the latter was invisible.

She had pointed out to Aunt Eunice, upon that last drive up-mountain, at least twenty-five tones of green, and had seized the reins suddenly to stop old Dobbin that she might gaze her full upon a decrepit cedar-tree robed and garlanded with scarlet woodbine.

In fact he had, subconsciously even in his recreation refused to follow the easiest way, and had struck out on the up-mountain trail. For a while Donald walked on, regardless of whither.