"Will somebody please tell me what this is good for?" She has fished out an umbrella-handle which she throws aside at once; then a lock of hair enclosed in paper. "Look a lock of somebody's hair! Come and see!" Milde joined her. "Leave that alone!" he said and took his cigar out of his mouth. "However did that get in there? Did you ever hair from my last love, so to speak!"

"Is that so?" said the fat lady, with a conspicuous lack of incredulity; and she put her hand involuntarily to her frizzes. This time she did not trust to the umbrella-handle as a medium of communication between the stage-driver and herself. Putting her hand through the port-hole she grasped Chugg’s armthe bottle armwith no uncertain grip. "Why, Mr.

"There might be danger," he muttered to himself, but Hedges caught the words. He stood swaying the umbrella-handle about, looking down at it, as if that would assist his decision. Then he looked at Hedges. "My business with Lord Hartledon is quite private, and I would rather not write. I'll wait until he is back in England: and see him then."

"What did it look like to you?" "It looked to me," replied the witness, "like a tall man." Everyone in court kept his eyes riveted on his pen, or his umbrella-handle, or his book, or his boots or whatever he happened to be looking at. They seemed to be holding their eyes away from the prisoner by main force; but they felt his figure in the dock, and they felt it as gigantic.

What a grand moment was that when you caught the Sheik round the throat with your umbrella-handle, and pulled him off his horse! and then we mounted poor Glyphic upon it, mummied cat and all, and away over the hot sand! What a day was that! what a day was that!"

Anyhow, all at once the umbrella turned inside out. And Mr. Crow began to fall. But he didn't fall far. For as soon as he realized what was going on he let go of his umbrella-handle, spread his wings, and soared down to the ground. He made no attempt to find his way home until the next day, but spent the night in an evergreen grove.