"Tommies!" cried Amber; and incontinently he dropped the revolver as though it had turned hot in his hand. "Steady, my man!" Labertouche interrupted what threatened to develop into a string of intolerable abuse. "Hold your tongue! Can't you see we've a lady with us?" "Ul-lo!" The soldier lowered his rifle and stepped closer, his voice vibrating with astonishment.

What mattered it if one was a Prince and both were foreign soldiers, if neither perhaps had adequate English? His native Cockney freedom flowed too generously for him to think of that, and surely the Asiatic fleets had purged all such trivial differences. "Ul-LO!" he said; "'ow did you get 'ere?"

'Ullo! 'Ul-lo!" His fingers fell on Percy's shoulder again, but this time not in a mere warning tap. They rested where they fell in an iron clutch. "It won't do, you know," he said. "This sort o' thing won't do!" Madness came upon the stout young man. Common prudence and the lessons of a carefully-taught youth fell from him like a garment.

And it was at this precise moment, just as the two spectators, reinforced now by eleven other men of sporting tastes, were congratulating themselves on their acumen in having stopped to watch, that Police-Constable Robert Bryce, intruding fourteen stones of bone and muscle between the combatants, addressed to Mr Shute these memorable words: ''Ullo, 'ullo! 'Ullo, 'ullo, 'ul-lo!

"Don't 'good woman' me," said Mrs. Hall. "I've told you my remittance hasn't come." "Remittance indeed!" said Mrs. Hall. "Still, I daresay in my pocket " "You told me three days ago that you hadn't anything but a sovereign's worth of silver upon you." "Well, I've found some more " "'Ul-lo!" from the bar. "I wonder where you found it," said Mrs. Hall. That seemed to annoy the stranger very much.