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Truly they live there within the heavens, there in a place of delight only. O yohualli icahuacan teuctlin popoca ahuiltilon Dios ipalnemohuani: chimalli xochitl in cuecuepontimani in mahuiztli moteca molinian tlalticpac, ye nican ic xochimicohuayan in ixtlahuac itec a ohuaya ohuaya.

Can huel nocallamanian? Ninotolinia tlalticpac. Where shall my soul dwell? Where is my home? Where shall be my house? I am miserable on earth. Zan ye tocontemaca ye tocontotoma in mochalchiuh, ye on quetzalmalintoc, zacuan icpac xochitl, za yan tiquinmacayan tepilhuan O. We take, we unwind the jewels, the blue flowers are woven over the yellow ones, that we may give them to the children.

Tleçannen in nicyocoya in nitlaocolcuica inic niquimilnamiqui in tepilhuan, in tlazomaquiztin, in tlazoteoxiuhme, in quetzaltotome, in moteyotico, in motleyotico in tlalticpac? in ocnoma caquizti inin tenyo, inin cahuanca, campa neltiazque? Ca zan titlacatico ca ompa huel tochan in canin ximoayan inocapa in yolihuayan aic tlamian.

My heart grieved, I, the singer, was afflicted, that these are the only flowers, the only songs which I can procure here on earth; see how they speak of sickness and of death, how all go there to their homes, alas. I inquemanian in otonciahuic, in otontlatzihuic tocon ynayaz in momahuizco in motenyo in tlalticpac, ma nenquitocane, ohuaya, etc.

On onellelacic quexquich nic ya ittoa antocnihuan ayiaue noconnenemititica noyollon tlalticpac y noconycuilotica, ay niyuh can tinemi ahuian yeccan, ay cemellecan in tenahuac y, ah nonnohuicallan in quenon amican ohuaya.

This only do I ask: Thou Giver of Life, be not angry, be not severe on earth, let us live with thee on earth, take us to the Heavens. Azo tle nello nicyaitohua nican ipalnemohua, zan tontemiqui y, zan toncochitlehuaco, nicitoa in tlalticpac ye ayac huel tontiquilhuia ye nicana. But what can I speak truly here of the Giver of Life?

Ca yeppa yuhqui in tizaoctli in tlalticpac, quitemacao ohuican ic tecalaquiao teoatl tlachinolli quitoao texaxamatzao teopopoloao on canin xaxamanio in tlazochalchihiuitl, in teoxihuitl, in maquiztli tlazotetl in tepilhuan in coninio in xochitizaoctlio cuel can in antocnihuan in tonicahuacao.

Oncan nicaqui in cuicanelhuayotl in nicuicani, tlacazo amo tlalticpac in peuh yectli yancuicatl, tlacazo ompa in ilhuicatl itic hual caquizti in conehua in tlazocoyoltototl in quimehuilia in nepapan teoquecholme zacuantototl, oncan tlacazo quiyectenehua in tloque in nahuaque, ohuaya, ohuaya.

Ano niquin nonotztaciz in ye yuh quin in tlalticpac. Would only that I knew they could hear me, there in the land of the dead, were I to sing some worthy song. Would that I could gladden them, that I could console the suffering and the torment of the children. How can it be learned? Whence can I draw the inspiration?

Intla y tlacohua in tlalticpac ca çan quitemacehualtica in tloque in nahuaque, in tlalticpac; ye nican ic chocan noyollo noconilnamiquia in ompa onitlachiato y xochitlalpana nicuicani. Where shall one pluck them? Where gather the sweet flowers? And how shall I attain that flowery land, that fertile land, where there is no servitude, nor affliction?