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Nictzotzonan nohuehueuh nicuicatlamatquetl ic niquimonixitia ic niquimitlehua in tocnihuan in atle in yollo quimati in aic tlathui ipan inin yollo yaocochmictoque in inpan motimaloa in mixtecomatlayohualli anen niquito huay motolinia y, maquicaqui qui y xochitlathuicacuicatl occeh tzetzeuhtimania huehuetitlana, ohuaya, ohuai.

Ac ipiltzin? Achanca ipiltzin yehuayan Dios Jesu Christo can quicuilo antlacuiloa quicuilo ancuicatl a ohuaya, ohuaya. Who is the royal son? Is not the royal son, the son of God, Jesus Christ, as was written in your writings, as was written in your songs? O achan canel ompa huiz canin ilhuicac y xochintlacuilol xochincalitec a ohuaya ohuaya.

On onellelacic quexquich nic ya ittoa antocnihuan ayiaue noconnenemititica noyollon tlalticpac y noconycuilotica, ay niyuh can tinemi ahuian yeccan, ay cemellecan in tenahuac y, ah nonnohuicallan in quenon amican ohuaya.

Only the tzinitzcan is in power, the tzinitzcan arouses me in my affliction, letting fall its songs like sad flowers. In canin nemiya icanon in nemitoconchia ye nican huehuetitlan a ayiahue, ye onnentlamacho, ye mocatlaocoyalo ay xopancaliteca, ohuaya, ohuaya. Wherever it wanders, wherever it lives, one awaits it here with the drum, in affliction, in distress, here in the house of spring.

Weeping is with us, tears fall like rain, here in Tlatilolco; as the Mexican women go down to the water, we beg of them for ourselves and our friends, alas. In ic neltic o ya cahua Atloyantepetl o in Mexico in poctli ehuatoc ayahuitl onmantoc, in tocon ya chihuaya ipalnemoani, ohuaya.

My heart grieved, I, the singer, was afflicted, that these are the only flowers, the only songs which I can procure here on earth; see how they speak of sickness and of death, how all go there to their homes, alas. I inquemanian in otonciahuic, in otontlatzihuic tocon ynayaz in momahuizco in motenyo in tlalticpac, ma nenquitocane, ohuaya, etc.

Machamo oncan? In tlalticpac machamo oppan piltihua. Ye nelli nemoa in quenon amican ilhuicatl y itec icanyio oncan in netlamachtilo y ohuaya. Truly I doubt in my heart if I really see you, dear friends; Is there no one who will pray to the one only God that he take this error from your hearts? Is no one there? No one can live a second time on earth.

Let not my soul dread that open field; I earnestly desire the beginning of the slaughter, may thy soul long for the murderous strife. O anquin ye oncan yaonahuac, noconelehuia in itzi miquiliztli can quinequin toyollo yaomiquiztla ohuaya ohuaya. O you who are there in the battle, I earnestly desire the beginning of the slaughter, may thy soul long for the murderous strife.

The disdained and the slaves shall go forth with song; but in a little while their oppressors shall be seen in the fire, amid the howling of wolves. Zan tzinitzcan impetlatl ipan, ohuaya; on tzinitzcan iceliztoca oncan izan in ninentlamatia, in zan icnoxochicuicatica inocon ya temohua ya ohuaya, ohuaya.

Let your dancing, and banqueting be in the battle, there be your place of gain, your scene of action, where the noble youths perish. Quetzalipantica oyo huiloa ahuiltiloni ipalnemohuan yectlahuacan in tapalcayocan a ohuaya ohuaya. Dressed in their feathers they go rejoicing the Giver of Life to the excellent place, the place of shards.

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