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Auh nic itoaya tlacazo amo qualcan in tlalticpac ye nican, tlacazo occecni in huilohuayan, in oncan ca in netlamachtilli; tlezannen in tlalticpac? tlacazo occecni yoliliz ximoayan, ma ompa niauh, ma ompa inhuan noncuicati in nepapan tlazototome, ma ompa nicnotlamachti yectliya xochitl ahuiaca xochitl, in teyolquima, in zan tepacca, teahuiaca yhuintia, in zan tepacca, ahuiaca yhuintia.

Zan ca tlaauilolpan nemia moyollo amoxpetlatl ipan toncuicaya tiquimonyaitotia teteuctin aya in obispo ya zan ca totatzin aya oncan titlatoa atlitempan ay yo. Mayst thy soul walk in the light, mayst thou sing in the great book, mayst thou join the dance of the rulers as our father the bishop speaks in the great temple.

Ma ye ticiti in xochitlalpan in tochan xochitlalticpacilhuicacpaco in huel ic xochiamemeyallotl on ahuiaxtimani, teyolquima yoliliz ahuach xochitl in tochan in Chiappan, oncan timalolo in teucyotl in tlatocayotl in chimalxochitl oncuepontimani tonacatlalpan.

At Tollan there stood the house of beams, there yet stands the house of plumed serpents left by Nacxitl Topiltzin; going forth weeping, our nobles went to where he was to perish, down there at Tlapallan. Nechcayan Cholollan oncan tonquizaya Poyauhtecatitlan, in quiyapanhuiya y Acallan anquiquiztica ye choquililon ye.

Let not my soul dread that open field; I earnestly desire the beginning of the slaughter, may thy soul long for the murderous strife. O anquin ye oncan yaonahuac, noconelehuia in itzi miquiliztli can quinequin toyollo yaomiquiztla ohuaya ohuaya. O you who are there in the battle, I earnestly desire the beginning of the slaughter, may thy soul long for the murderous strife.

How much compassion hast thou for thy servant in this world sent here by thee to be thy subject for the space of a day on this earth! Macazo tleon xoconyoyocoya ti noyollo, yehua cuix ic nepohualoyan in oncan nemohua yehua, in atle tlahuelli in antecocolia huel on yecnemiz in tlalticpac.

Manozo yehuatl nictlatlani in quetzal huitzitziltin, in chalchiuh huitzitzicatzin; manozo ye nictlatlani in zaquan papalotl; ca yehuantin in machiz, ommati, campa cueponi in yectli ahuiac xochitl, tla nitlahuihuiltequi in nican acxoyatzinitzcanquauhtla, manoze nitlahuihuiltequi in tlauhquecholxochiquauhtla; oncan huihuitolihui ahuach tonameyotoc in oncan mocehcemelquixtia; azo oncan niquimittaz intla onechittitique; nocuexanco nictemaz ic niquintlapaloz in tepilhuan, ic niquimellelquixtiz in teteuctin.

Xihuallachian tinocniuh in oncan icayan xochihuehuetl tonameyo ontotonauhtimani quetzal ecacehuazticaya on xopaleuhtimani in oncan ic chialo ic malhuilo inipetl in icpal in tloque in nahuaque; xic cahuaya in mixtecomatla xihualmocuepaya tohuan, xic ehua in yancuicatl nicuicani ic niquellelquixtia in tloque in tlaneciz inic moyollo caltitlan.

Tlacazo nican nemi, ye nicaqui in ixochicuicatzin yuhqui tepetl quinnananquilia; tlacazo itlan in meyaquetzalatl, xiuhtotoameyalli, oncan mocuica, momotla, mocuica; nananquilia in centzontlatolli; azo quinnananquilia in coyoltototl, ayacachiçahuacatimani, in nepapan tlazocuicani totome. Oncan quiyectenehua in tlalticpaque hueltetozcatemique.

And you, O friends, put on your black paint, for war, for the path of victory; let us lay hands on our shields, and raise aloft our strength and courage. Zan tlaocolxochitl, tlaocolcuicatl on mania Mexico nican ha in Tlatilolco, in yece ye oncan on neiximachoyan, ohuaya. Only sad flowers, sad songs, are here in Mexico, in Tlatilolco, in this place these alone are known, alas.