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Ca moch nicuitoya in nicuicani ic niquimicpac xochiti in tepilhuan inic niquimapan in can in mac niquinten; niman niquehuaya yectli yacuicatl ic netimalolo in tepilhuan ixpan in tloque in nahuaque, auh in atley y maceuallo.

Nentiquelehuia in tictemoaya in tinocniuh yectliya xochitl can ticuiz intlacamo ximicaliya, melchiquiuhticaya, mitonalticaya ticmacehuaya in yectliyaxochitla, yaochoquiztli ixayoticaya in quitemacehualtica in tloque in nahuaque.

Xochicalco nihualcalaquia in nicuicani, oncan icac in chalchiuhuehuetl, oncan chialon ipalnemohuani in teteuctin xochitl tzetzeliuhtimani, tolquatectitla, xoyacaltitlan, onahuiaxtimani in xochicopal tlenamactli huel teyolquima, cahuia ca ihuintia in toyollo ixpan in tloque in nahuaque.

On the signification of the titles given to this poem see the Introduction, § 3. 1. yehnan Dios; literally "who are God;" the introduction of the Spanish Dios, God, is in explanation of in tloque in nahuaque; so far from proving that this song is of late date, this vouches for its genuine ancient character, through the necessity for such explanation.

Tlahuizcalteochitla oncuepontimani in ixochiquiyaopan in tloque in nahuaque, onahuachtotonameyotimani in teyolquima; ma xiqualitacan in atle ipan ontlatao, zannen cuepontimanio ayac mahaca quelehuiao in antocnihuan amo zannen ya xochitl yoliliztlapalneucxochitla e.

This conclusion he expressed in a philosophic apothegm which was preserved by his disciples, in these words: Ipan in chicunauitlamanpan meztica in tloque nahuaque palne nohuani teyocoyani icel teotl oquiyocox in ixquex quexquex in ittoni ihuan amo ittoni. "In the ninth series is the Cause of All, of us and of all created things, the one only God who created all things both visible and invisible."

Qualli cuicanelhuayotlo, teocuitlaquiquizcopa nicehuaya, ilhuicac cuicatlo nictenquixtia, nitoz miahuatototl, chalciuhtonameyotica, niccueponaltia yectli yancuicatlo, nicehuaya xochitlenamaquilizticaya ic nitlaahuialia nicuicani ixpan in tloque nahuaque.

Oncan nicaqui in cuicanelhuayotl in nicuicani, tlacazo amo tlalticpac in peuh yectli yancuicatl, tlacazo ompa in ilhuicatl itic hual caquizti in conehua in tlazocoyoltototl in quimehuilia in nepapan teoquecholme zacuantototl, oncan tlacazo quiyectenehua in tloque in nahuaque, ohuaya, ohuaya.

Ic motomá tocuic xochiahuia ca ihuinti in toyollo? Aoc ticmati inic nepapan xochicuicatl ic ticcecemeltia in tloque nahuaque quen ahtontlaelehuian; tinocniuh ma nohuehuetitlan ximoquetzaya nepapan xochitl ic ximopanaya chalchiuh ocoxochitl mocpac xicmanaya xicehuayan yectli yancuicatl ic melelquixtia in tloque in nahuaque. Where shall we obtain the fragrance which intoxicates our souls?

Xontlachayan huitztlampayan, iquizayan in tonatiuh, ximoyollehuayan oncan manian teoatl tlachinolli, oncan mocuica in teucyotl in tlatocayotl yectliya xochitl in amo zannen mocuia, in quetzallalpilo niaya macquauhtica, chimaltica neicaloloyan in tlalticpac ic momacehuaya in yectliya xochitl in tiquelehuia in ticnequia in tinocniuh in quitemacehualtia in quitenemactia in tloque in nahuaque.