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Chimalxochitl, quauhpilolxochitl ic oquichtlamatimani in y antepilhuan xochicozcaocoxochitl ic mapantimanian, quitimaloao yectliya cuicatl, yectliya xochitl, imezo imelchiquiuh patiuh mochihuaya in quicelia on in teoatl tlachinolli; y iantocnihuan tliliuhquitepeca in tiyaotehua huey otlipana, ma huel xoconmanao y ye mochimalo, huel xonicaon in ti quauhtliya ocelotla.

This verse is remarkable for its sonorous phrases and the archaic forms of the words. Its translation offers considerable difficulty. xontlachayan, I take to be an imperative form from tlachia, to look, with the euphonic on. The word tlachinolli is from chinoa, to burn.

ohuican, a place of difficulty and danger. The frequent addition of the terminal o in this and the succeeding verses is merely euphonic. 2. teoatl tlachinolli; see note VI, 4.

Ca yeppa yuhqui in tizaoctli in tlalticpac, quitemacao ohuican ic tecalaquiao teoatl tlachinolli quitoao texaxamatzao teopopoloao on canin xaxamanio in tlazochalchihiuitl, in teoxihuitl, in maquiztli tlazotetl in tepilhuan in coninio in xochitizaoctlio cuel can in antocnihuan in tonicahuacao.

Xontlachayan huitztlampayan, iquizayan in tonatiuh, ximoyollehuayan oncan manian teoatl tlachinolli, oncan mocuica in teucyotl in tlatocayotl yectliya xochitl in amo zannen mocuia, in quetzallalpilo niaya macquauhtica, chimaltica neicaloloyan in tlalticpac ic momacehuaya in yectliya xochitl in tiquelehuia in ticnequia in tinocniuh in quitemacehualtia in quitenemactia in tloque in nahuaque.