The operating-room made gauze that morning, and small packets of tampons: absorbent cotton covered with sterilized gauze, and fastened together twelve, by careful count, in each bundle. Miss Grange, who had been kind to Sidney in her probation months, taught her the method. "Used instead of sponges," she explained. "If you noticed yesterday, they were counted before and after each operation.

The ball had passed through his body; it would not have to be extracted, and this was an advantage. With his rustic hands, to which he endeavored to impart a feminine tenderness, he tried to form tampons of lint to introduce into the wounds, which continued gently emitting the red liquid. Margalida, wrinkling her brows and turning away to avoid meeting Febrer's eyes, at last brushed Pèp aside.

"Let me do it, father. Perhaps I can do it better." Jaime thought he felt on his bare flesh, sensitive, vibrating from the cruel wound, a sensation of coolness, of sweet calm, as the tampons were pressed into it by the girl's fingers. Jaime remained motionless, feeling against his back and on his breast the cloths piled up by the two women in their horror at the blood.

Suppressing inflammation of the genital organs by poisonous antiseptics, sprays, tampons or other local applications only tends to aggravate the chronic conditions. Holding up the womb by means of a pessary in order to strengthen its muscles and ligaments is about as reasonable and effective as to try to strengthen a weak arm by carrying it in a sling.

He saw the majesty of the law's forces invoked to back this warrant which the tremendous power of the disciplined Vigilantes would repulse; he saw reinforcements, summoned. What reinforcements? A smile flitted across his lips, and he glanced up at the warship John Adams riding at anchor outside, her guns, their tampons in place, staring blackly at the city. He saw the whole plot.

Food was frequently found on the dressings, but with the careful use of tampons a cure was effected. In the olden times wounds of the stomach were not always fatal. The celebrated anatomist, Fallopius, successfully treated two cases in which the stomach was penetrated so that food passed through the wound.