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It is, however, possible to obtain a satisfactory, although somewhat fugitive end-point in the presence of manganous sulphate and phosphoric acid. The explanation of the part played by these reagents is somewhat obscure as yet. It is possible that an intermediate manganic compound is formed which reacts rapidly with the ferrous compounds thus in effect catalyzing the oxidizing process.

When a corroding sore of this nature attacks the edges of the ear, and refuses to yield to the application of a few stimulating washes, such as sulphate of copper, alum, borax, nitrate of silver, &c., the diseased edges may be paired off, and the actual cautery applied to the parts. This will frequently arrest its further progress.

Permanent hardness in water, due to the presence of gypsum or sulphate of lime in solution, may be remedied by addition of caustic soda. Of course, if an alkaline water is objectionable in any process, the alkali would have to be neutralised by the addition of some acid. For use in boilers, water might thus be treated, but it would become costly if large quantities required such treatment.

It is only needful to add a minute drop of fluid containing Bacteria, to water in which tartrate, phosphate, and sulphate of ammonia are dissolved; and, in a very short space of time, the clear fluid becomes milky by reason of their prodigious multiplication, which, of course, implies the manufacture of living Bacterium-stuff out of these merely saline matters.

Gruel is generally the aliment thus given. 5. For allaying spasms in the stomach and bowels. 'Copper' Both the verdigris, or subacetate, and the blue vitriol of sulphate of copper, are now comparatively rarely used. They are employed either in the form of a fine powder, or mixed with an equal quantity of the acetate of lead in order to destroy proud flesh or stimulate old ulcers.

Under the blowpipe it immediately becomes white, and emits a strong animal odour, like that from fresh shells. It is chiefly composed of carbonate of lime; when placed in muriatic acid it froths much, leaving a residue of sulphate of lime, and of an oxide of iron, together with a black powder, which is not soluble in heated acids.

"With the battery prepared as above, and the solution of sulphate of copper in a vessel of proper dimensions to receive your plate, connect the galvanic current, and immerse the impressioned plate, letting it remain until a thin film of copper has been formed, then the battery can be strengthened, and the impression will be of sufficient thickness to be removed in from eight to twelve hours.

Most boys have tried the experiment of dipping a clean-bladed knife into sulphate of copper, and so depositing on the steel a film of copper, which adheres closely until worn away.

Concentrated acid gives off irritating orange-coloured fumes of nitric acid gas. When poured on copper, it gives off red fumes and leaves a green solution of nitrate of copper. It gives a red colour with brucine, turns the green sulphate of iron black, and with hydrochloric acid dissolves gold.

I took it in my hand, and the matter was made clear in an instant. The stone was not our hard Onondaga gray limestone, but soft, easily marked with the finger-nail, and, on testing it with an acid, I found it, not hard carbonate of lime, but a soft, friable sulphate of lime a form of gypsum, which must have been brought from some other part of the country.

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