A number of important discoveries in brain anatomy are attributed to Herophilus, after whom the torcular herophili within the skull is named, and who invented the term calamus scriptorius for certain appearances in the fourth ventricle. His colleague, Erasistratus, the co-founder of this school at Alexandria, did work in pathological anatomy, and laid the foundation for serious study there.

"The best and most cunning limner of this or any land." "Oh! Only a scriptorius?" "Only a scriptorius," said the monk quietly not at all offended. "And it may be that he never heard of some of thy heroes." "My heroes are Alexander and Charlemagne," said Bertram proudly. "He must have heard of them." Wilfred dipped his pen in the ink with a rather amused smile. "Now, Father Wilfred!"

And is that not worth dying for?" Bertram made no reply. But his memory ran far back to the olden days at Langley to a scriptorius who had laid down his pen to speak of two lads, both of whom he looked to see great men, but he deemed him the greater who was not ashamed of his deed.

The cautious scriptorius, who never broke bread with Wycliffe, and declined to decide upon his great or small position, was quoting his Bible word for word. Hugh looked up in Wilfred's face, with the expression of one who had at last found somebody to understand him. "Father," he said, "did you ever doubt of every thing?" "Ay," said Wilfred, quietly. "Even of God's love? yea, even of God?" "Ay."