“Look you, Mistress Pitty Patty Prettybones, mayhap I’m some such matter as a bear, as they will find who come to grapple with me; but dam’me if I’m a monkey a thing that chatters without knowing a word of what it says a parrot; that will hold a dialogue, for what an honest man knows, in a dozen languages; mayhap in the Bay of State lingo; mayhap in Greek or High Dutch.

Thof Squire Dickon “ this was a common misnomer with Benjamin ” is a nice gentleman, and as good a man to sail with as heart could wish, yet I shall tel the squire, d’ye see, in plain English, and that’s my native tongue, that if-so-be he is thinking of putting any Johnny Raw over my head, why, I shall resign. I began forrard, Mistress Prettybones, and worked my way aft, like a man.

As for getting off, when we had enough of it, and had washed our decks down pretty well, we called all hands, for, d’ye see, the watch below was in their hammocks, all the same as if they were in one of your best bedrooms; and so we watched for a smooth time, clapt her helm hard a weather, let fall the foresail, and got the tack aboard; and so, when we got her afore it, I ask you, Mistress Prettybones, if she didn’t walk? didn’t she?

It’s a sweet tooth, that fellow that you hold on upon yet, Mistress Prettybones. But, as I was saying, take the whole coast along, I know it as well as the way from here to the Bold Dragoon; and a devil of acquaintance is that Bay of Biscay. Whew! I wish you could but hear the wind blow there. It sometimes takes two to hold one man’s hair on his head.