"We certainly should be very poor neighbors had we not come and done all we could, and with your permission mother and I will help your wife to-day so she can get some rest." "I dank you vrom mine heart. You make me dink off der heafenly podies you make order put no noise. I vill do for you vatefer you vish und pe honest."

Eyeing the bottles contemptuously: "It's no porter; it's whisky I'll order," exclaimed Donald, angrily, conceiving that it was the former beverage that had been brought him. "Porter's drink for hocs, and not for human podies." Finding it wholly impossible, however, to make this sentiment understood, Donald was compelled to content himself with the liquor which had been brought him.

"Think you you can manage them, John?" said his lordship in a whisper, after the door had been secured in the inside. "Pooch, a dizzen o' them, my lort!" replied M'Kay in the same under-tone. "It's twa bits o' shachlin' podies no wors speakin' aboot." "But they are armed, John they have guns and bayonets; and the former are loaded."

"Pooch, their guns! what'll sicknify their guns, my lort, when I'll have cot a hold o' the craturs themsels in my hants?" and he held out his enormous brown paws as if to certify their power. "I'll crush the podies like a mussel shells." "No violence, John, remember," said Lord Rae energetically, but smiling as he spoke, "that is, to the extent of doing the men any, the smallest personal injury.