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You might of known we were poor as Job's off-ox. Everybody is that earns a living. We fellers on the farm have to earn a livin' for ourselves and you fellers that don't work. I don't blame yeh. I'd do it if I could." "Grant, don't talk so! Howard didn't realize-" "I tell yeh I don't blame 'im. Only I don't want him to come the brotherly business over me, after livin' as he has-that's all."

"Will you kindly tell me what that has to do with faro-bank? Girl, one of us is full of ghost songs, and far, far off the reservation. What in the name of Brigham Young's off-ox are you talking about?" "Why, you spoke of Pharaoh, Will, and I can remember about his holding the children of Israel captive, and the plagues, but I really don't see just how it applies."

I'd like to have you all in Co. Q, but this's a thing 'bout which I hain't got no say. There's a great many things in the army 'bout which a Corpril hain't as much inflooence as he orter have, as you'll find out later on. Here comes the Captain o' Co. Q, who, because o' his rank, has the first pick o' the recruits. He's never seen you before, and don't know one o' you from Adam's off-ox.

"I never saw Fred Cavendish; I wouldn't know him from Adam's off-ox. I've got the fellow Beaton turned over to me." "Well, he's the man; the dead one isn't." "How do you know?" "Because Frederick Cavendish bought and signed a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles, and boarded the midnight train. My man reported that to me, and Beaton just had time to catch the same train before it pulled out.

DON' KNOW AS I KNOW: the nearest your true Yankee ever comes to acknowledging ignorance. GANDER-PARTY: a social gathering of men only. New England. LAP-TEA: where the guests are too many to sit at table. Massachusetts. LAST OF PEA-TIME: day after fair. Massachusetts. MOONGLADE: a beautiful word for the track of moonlight on the water. Massachusetts. OFF-OX: an unmanageable fellow. New England.