Corporal Matthijsen would have said that they were more cautious than Pharaoh. We now reached the top of the mountain entirely exhausted. I have ascended many a mountain the rough cliffs of Majuba, the steep sides of Nicholson's Nek but never before had I been so tired as I was now; yet in the depths of my heart I was satisfied.

"This is our only way, and where a baboon can cross, we can cross." With us was one Adriaan Matthijsen, a corporal who came from the district of Bethlehem, and was a sort of jocular character. He looked up at the mountains, 2,000 feet above him, and sighed: "O Red Sea!" I replied, "The children of Israel had faith and went through, and all you need is faith.

This is not the first Red Sea we have met with and will not be the last!" What Corporal Matthijsen thought I do not know, for he kept silence. But he pulled a long face, as if saying to himself: "Neither you, nor anybody else with us, is a Moses!" We climbed up unobserved to a bit of bush which, to continue the metaphor of the Red Sea, was a "Pillar of Cloud" to hide us from the English.

"It must be remembered that the witnesses Hugo, Matthijsen, Van Wijk and de Klerk are all accomplices, and therefore their evidence must be received with caution, especially after the curiously minute details they give on some points. It is also worthy of note that Matthijsen was not examined on the fourth charge, though he was present with Kritzinger at the time.