There was a year of my life that I maintained myself and two children on twenty pound, the bread too was 1/2 the loave that year: we did not indeed live very sumptuously nor shall I say our strength improved much but I did not contract one farthing of debt and that to me supplyed the want of luxuries.

To-morrow will happily be the same as to-day, and to-morrow I shall again meditate on art and women, and the day after I shall be occupied with what I once heard dear old M'Cormac, Bishop of Galway, describe in his sermon as 'the degrading passion of "loave."" The day dies in sultry languor.

"Ah, mon cher, Sir Charles, ravi de vous voir. But why are you not dancing?" "Ah, mi ladi, Je ne puis pas, c'est a dire, Ich kann es nicht; I am too old; Ich bin " "Oh, you horrid man; I understand you perfectly. You hate ladies, that is the real reason. You do you know you do." "Ah, my ladi, Gnaedige frau; glauben sie mir; I do loave de ladies; I do adore de sex.

Yes; I am the great 'Tonio! You have not suspect that! I loave you, Katy, and you shall marry with me. Is it not so? Call me 'Antonio, and say that you will be mine." Katy's head drooped to the shoulder that was now freed from all suspicion of having received the knightly accolade. "Oh, Andy," she sighed, "this is great! Sure, I'll marry wid ye. But why didn't ye tell me ye was the cook?