"I was too weak for strong purpose, and with presentiment of harm, had no strength for resistance. I must have dozed. Old Sarah is now arranging some things upon a small table at head of the cot. To my look she soothingly says: "'Yo' needn't be 'larmed; dey's all gone 'way. Yo' bettah pahtuk of some refreshments now. Dis tea an' toast moughty good for de s'port of yo' 'feebled system.

Then with a swiftness in which there was no sign of age, she went to the landing and called, "Mas'r Graham." Grace was in the room before him. "What is it?" she asked breathlessly. "Well, Missy Grace, don't be 'larmed, but I tinks Mas'r Graham 'ud better sen' for de doctor, jes' for caution like." Again came that peculiar cough, terror-inspiring to all mothers.

Dere was a nigger who could talk American, and he comed one night and tuck ole massa out and telled him de Spaniards was gwine to rob dem all, and dat dey would kill all on de white folks, and take all de niggers and stock, and dey was gwine to do it de fus dark night. Dis larmed us all, and dat night we slipt off, and when mornin comed we was way down de riber and gwine ahead I tell you.

William Condor was always clean in linen and calm in manner. "Don't be 'larmed, fel-fel-f'-low cit-zens! Lawrence Newt's no friend of mine. I guess his G d pride 'll get a tumble some day; by G I do!" Abel added, with a fierce hiss. The guests looked alarmed as they heard the last words.