"Dem ain't justifyin' deeds wot's runnin' in your mind," said 'Bijah. "Dey ain't justifyin'." "Ob course," said Grandison, "dey wouldn't be justifyin' if I had de six dollars. But I ain't got 'em, an' Ise promised to pay 'em. Now, is I ter stick to de truf, or isn't I?" "Truf is mighty," said the preacher, "an' ought not to be hendered from prevailin'." "Dat's so! dat's so!" exclaimed Grandison.

"That's it. Justifyin' yourself by works instead o' leanin' onto Him! Find Him, sez you! Git Him, sez you! Works is vain. Glory! glory!" he continued, with fluent vacuity and wandering, dull, observant eyes. "But if I had a little more practice in class, Brother Silas, more education?" "The letter killeth," interrupted Brother Silas.

But it's kind o' ne'ssary for every feller around these parts to justify 'emselves. Get me? You need 'justifyin'. Wal, I guess you'll see to them kiddies till Zip comes back. It's going to be your work seein' they don't get fixed into any sort o' trouble, an' when Zip gets back you'll hand 'em over clean an' fixed right. Get that? I'm payin' for their board, an' I'm payin' you a wage.

An' jes' as you was comin' up I was gwine ter tell him a par'ble 'bout sticken ter truf. An' if you's got time, Mahs'r Morris, I'd be pow'ful glad ter tell you de par'ble, an' let you 'cide 'tween us." "Very well," said Mr. Morris, "go on with your parable." "Dis yere par'ble," said Grandison, "has got a justifyin' meanin' in it, an' it's 'bout a bar an' a' possum.

Evil and brief had been their careers under his eye; and as one standing in loco parentis to their yet uncontaminated associates, he was bound to take his precautions. The return of the study key closed the sermon. "But what was the baser-side-of-imagination business?" said Beetle on the stairs. "I never knew such an ass as you are for justifyin' yourself," said McTurk.