Gmelin, the famous scientist and investigator of this subject, says that man has lived where the temperature falls as low as -157 degrees F. Habit is a marked factor in this endurance. In Russia men and women work with their breasts and arms uncovered in a temperature many degrees below zero and without attention to the fact.

Even as long ago as 1747, such facts led Gmelin to conclude that the same species must have been independently created at several distinct points; and we might have remained in this same belief, had not Agassiz and others called vivid attention to the Glacial period, which, as we shall immediately see, affords a simple explanation of these facts.

This work of uncommon labour and research, treats of the geography, physical, and natural history of Russia, divided into zones, each of which will be separately described, when the work is completed. Gmelin, Reisen durch Russland. Peters. 1770-4. 3 vols. 4to.

The Osprey, however, is mentioned in Professor Ansted's list, and only marked as occurring in Guernsey. GREENLAND FALCON. Falco candicans, Gmelin.

There are two specimens in the Museum, both females or immature males, or, at all events, males which have not begun to assume their proper plumage after the summer change. LITTLE GREBE. Podiceps minor, Gmelin. French, "Grèbe castagneux." The Little Grebe, or Dabchick, occurs occasionally in the Islands, mostly as an autumnal or winter visitant.

Whether this land was America, Gamaland, or Asia, the savants could not know. It is from the works of Gmelin, Müller, and Steller, scientists named to accompany the expedition, that the most connected accounts are obtained. The "menagerie," some one has called this collection of scientists. Many of the workmen died of their hardships at this stage of the journey.

Recherches Historiques sur les Principales Nations Établies en Siberie. Paris, 1801. 8vo. This work, translated from the Russian of Fischer, displays a great deal of research, and is not unworthy of an author who imitated Pallas, Gmelin, Müller, &c. Recherches sur les Principales Nations en Siberie. Traduit du Russe de Stollenweck. 8vo. Description de Kamschatcha. Par Krascheninnikof.

This property does not belong exclusively to the Medusa noctiluca, which Forskael has described in his Fauna Aegyptiaca, and which Gmelin has applied to the Medusa pelagica of Loefling, notwithstanding its red tentacula, and the brownish tuberosities of its body.

All the water-fowl on the lakes of Siberia are said by Professor Gmelin to retreat Southwards on the commencement of the frosts, except the Rail, which sleeps buried in the snow. Conserva ægagropila.

It shows itself in large crystals, if we sprinkle the mass with rain-water and expose it to the sun. The lagoon to the east of the castle of Santiago exhibits all the phenomena which have been observed in the salt lakes of Siberia, described by Lepechin, Gmelin, and Pallas.