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And all the while the Princess stared at him, knowing him to be a hunter of gariachs. Then the king of Arizim said to the watcher by the pool: "If thou wilt go up Poltarnees and come back, as none have come, and report to us what lure or magic is in the Sea, we will pardon thy blasphemy, and thou shalt have the Princess to wife and sit among the Council of Kings."

When the Princess turned and saw his garb and his great spear she knew that he was a hunter of gariachs. When the three kings heard the young man exclaim they said softly to one another: "This must be the man." Then they revealed themselves to him, and spoke to him to try him. They said: "Sir, you have spoken blasphemy against the Sea."

For he had taken his father's spear and gone down to the edge of the pool, and had lain under the azaleas there waiting for the stars to shine, by whose first light the gariachs go to the pools to drink; and he had gone too early and had had long to wait, and the passing hours seemed longer than they were.

Near to him was a deep pool where the hyacinths grew and strange flowers floated upon it with broad leaves; and there the great bull gariachs came down to drink by starlight; and, waiting there for the gariachs to come, he saw the white form of the Princess leaning on her balcony.