I walked hastily away with a coarse threatening sound in my ears like that of the clarionets whose sustained low notes darken the woodland in "Der Frieschutz." I found myself presently at the graveyard.

We both agreed that you are too much a recluse in that Der Frieschutz Glen at least, for your friends' pleasure; and owe it to us all to appear now and then in this upper world. 'Excelsior, Miss Lake, interposed dapper little Mr.

Thus, as Charles Mathews says, "every footman whistles Frieschutz;" and the barrel organ which does not play two or three of its airs may be consigned to the brokers. A few months since every bachelor hummed or whistled "C'est l'amour," and the French, to return the compliment, have made our "Robin Adair," one of the claptraps of the music of their La Dame Blanche. Next, when will Mr.

Peckham's cap's in the air, and it's a find, by heavens!" Mr. Jorrocks is right. The southerly wind wafts up the fading notes of the "Huntsman's Chorus" in Der Frieschutz and confirms the fact. Jorrocks is in ecstasies. Oh, beautiful! beautiful! Now, follow me if you please, and if yon gentleman in drab does not shoot the fox, he will be on the hills before long."

However, she had not seen "Der Frieschütz," and she had an especial desire to see this on account of the wolf-glen. At Aarhuus there was a place in the wood, said she, called the wolf-glen; this she knew, and now wished to see whether it resembled the one on the stage. "May I then greet Rosalie from you?" she asked at length.