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I knew he thought of coming across this fall, but the brute hasn't written to me. We'll have to get him over to our place. When he gets tired of the Emmetts' plain ways he can try ours they're plainer. You'll like Hesketh; he's a good fellow, and more go-ahead than most of them." "I don't think I should ask him to stay if I were you, Lorne.

But I guess it won't matter to Hesketh; he's got a lot of sense about things of that sort. Why he served out in South Africa volunteered. Mrs Emmett needn't worry. And if we find him pining for afternoon tea we can send him over here." "Well, if he's nice. But I suppose he's pretty sure to be nice. Any friend of the Emmetts What is he like, Lorne?" "Oh, he's just a young man with a moustache!

Little had never been either, so we went out together and met Stanford White and the Emmetts there, and we all went up. I would rather go into Central Africa than do it again. I am getting fat and that's about it and I had to half pull a much fatter man than myself who pretended to help me. I finally told them I'd go alone unless the fat man went away, so the other two drove him off.

He's going to stay with the Emmetts, and Mrs Emmett is perfectly distracted; she says he's accustomed to so much, she doesn't know how he will put up with their plain way of living. Though what she means by that, with late dinner and afternoon tea every day of her life, is more than I know." "Why, that's splendid!" replied Lorne. "Good old Hesketh!

Plenty of people, the whole of Market Square and East Elgin, a good part, too, probably, of the Town Ward, were unaware of his arrival; but for the little world he penetrated he was clothed with all the interest of the great contingency. His decorous head in the Emmetts' pew on Sunday morning stood for a symbol as well as for a stranger.