It will be noted that when we hear the specialists in anatomy and biology, their expressions on the subject of man's ancestry are, as a rule, characterized by a strong dissent from the development theory, while the belief in a development of man from an ape-like ancestor, uttered with a note of cocksureness, is found mainly among amateurs in these sciences.

His attainments, of course, were useful, but his cocksureness was irritating, and his manner to his father, abominable.

He saw them at their work, and the spectacle made him feel inferior, which had never happened in his free, untrammeled life of mountain independence before. There were a dozen men about the work of the same type as Layson's, and their calm cocksureness as they directed all these mysteries amazed him, overwhelmed him, made him feel a sense of littleness and unimportance which was maddening.

"Forgive my asking; your voice lacks something I've nearly always noticed in the English a kind of 'comment cela s'appelle' cocksureness, coming from your nation's greatest quality." "And what is that?" asked Shelton with a smile. "Complacency," replied the youthful foreigner. "Complacency!" repeated Shelton; "do you call that a great quality?"

Jeff Hall and his backers were not. Bud's three hundred dollars had in less than a minute increased to a little over nine hundred, though all his bets had been moderate. By the time he had collected, his pockets were full and his cocksureness had increased to such an unbearable crowing that Jeff Hall's eyes were venomous as a snake's.

You aristocrats the products of centuries of culture, comfort, and cocksureness will never rid yourselves of your conviction that you are the backbone of England no, not though that backbone were picked clean of every scrap of flesh by the rats of Radicalism." "What in the devil are you talking about now?" demanded Lancelot.

Once upon a time the world was ruled by men who were ruled by omens. Man was then not so wise in his own conceit. His own soul was nearer the soul of things. He was not a mere gob of bumptiousness covered with the shell of cocksureness. He was willing to be informed. He sought the omens of true nature he allowed Fate to guide him.

A visitor at the White House, in the midst of the terrible strain of the Seven Days, found Lincoln "thin and haggard, but cheerful . . . quite as placid as usual . . . his manner was so kindly and so free from the ordinary cocksureness of the politician, and the vanity and self-importance of official position that nothing but good will was inspired by his presence."

His attainments, of course, were useful, but his cocksureness was irritating, and his manner to his father abominable.

One thing you can say about the religious folks that are big with cocksureness and a mission they may make mistakes, but the mistake doesn't talk and criticise. The only rascal worthy to travel in company with Stevenson's rascals is the Chevalier Balibari, of Castle Barry, in Ireland, whose admirable memoirs have been so well told by Mr. Thackeray.